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What is "Bitcoin Cloud Mining" and how does it work?

Cloud mining is a method that allows individuals to mine crypto currencies such as Bitcoin without the need for their own equipment. Mining nowadays requires considerable computing power and is expensive, especially because of the power consumption. Those who do not want to invest in expensive computer equipment themselves can therefore easily rent our equipment for mining. Cloud mining is therefore a practical method of buying computing power from specialized data centers like SlickBit and thus digging up crypto currency.

How do I start and get mining power?

First of all you should create an account at SlickBit to get your first 100 GH/s Mining Power for free! From then on new Bitcoins will be automatically mined for you every second. If you want to increase your Mining Power in order to mine even more Bitcoins (which we strongly recommend), you can do this easily in the Account Panel. Deposits and withdrawals are recorded by our system within seconds. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed.

Are there additional ways to get hash power?

In addition to receiving a one-time 100 GH/s after registration and normal Mining Power shopping, you can receive additional power from invited users. We have a 3-level referral system which gives you a percentage of the mining power of your recruited partner. For life!

What is the minimum price I could buy Mining Power for?

The lowest price you can buy at SlickBit Mining Power is 0.0015. This price is necessary for system reasons and would otherwise not be efficient enough to mine Bitcoins.

What is the maximum price I could buy Mining Power for?

The maximum price you can buy at SlickBit Mining Power is 25. The maximum price you can buy at SlickBit Mining Power is 25 BTC. This price is fixed due to legal reasons and helps not to overload our system to let it only work for one person. In addition, for logistical reasons it would be too difficult for us to get new Bitcoin Miners in a short time.

Does SlickBit take any fees?

In contrast to our competitors SlickBit does not take any fees. We have made it our business to give everyone the possibility to generate and mine Bitcoins. Everybody should have unlimited access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Why are my deposits or withdrawals delayed?

Our system, specifically designed for Bitcoin Cloud Mining, registers every deposit and withdrawal request in seconds. However, the speed of the transfer in the Bitcoin network cannot be influenced or controlled by us. So please make sure that you specify enough fees (for the Bitcoin network) when purchasing mining power and sending Bitcoins. The transfer of Bitcoins usually takes only 5 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour with a standard fee.